High Key Portraiture Session

High Key Portrait  Hybrid Shrewsbury School of Photography
High Key Portrait Hybrid Shrewsbury School of Photography







High Key portraiture Lesson

Students at both evening classes this week clearly had a great time getting to grips with high key portraiture.
High Key portraiture is basically the antithesis of low key – a technique used by photographers, film noir makers and painters featuring predominately dark tones.
High key evokes a different mood, with the subject well lit with soft lighting to achieve flattering porcelain-like skin tone and the background blown out.
The pedantic observer will notice that the dark background we used in the above image means that the overall result isn’t strictly high key.
My response to that is that would be I’m in the privileged position of encouraging some very switched-on people to develop their creative skills and any deviation from the ‘rules’ is no bad thing.
Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom.

Richard Bishop
shrewsbury school of photography

The above image was taken using one 600 watt
Elinchrom flash head on half power and reflectors. 100 ISO 1/250th sec at f/16.

Look out for our proposed one day portraiture master class this summer featuring Paul Waller of Commercial Cameras Church Stretton and Simon Burfoot, Elinchrom sales manager.

Pic: Victoria Millington by rising star James Wakeley.