Portraiture Tutorial: Young Musician of the Year April 2018


Portraiture Tutorial:
Young Musician of the Year 2018

I sometimes have the good fortune to cover events that bring me into contact with exceptionally gifted individuals…. photographing the finalists at the Young Musician of the Year this weekend proved to be just such an occasion.

A photojournalism brief doesn’t change much in terms of the client requirement but the method is never the same, depending on the subject, venue, weather, equipment available, timescale and so on.

Newspaper work dictates that you will simply have your camera, a couple of lenses and a flash unit – and a very short time. The knack is to get the most out of it.

With that in mind I took advantage of a generous 15 minute window available and set up an elevated 600 watt Elinchrom flash head with softbox to drape the subjects in a pool of light, metering to allow the ambient light through the window to throw some light on the background. Ideally I would have wanted the bookcase further away but the inverse square law kicked in a it appears suitably under exposed.

Finally, careful composition and a couple of considerations of the elements of art, and some dialogue with the subjects before the decisive moment, and some half-decent images emerged.

Musician: Chloe Ellen Jones (Flute)
Photographer: Richard Bishop