Demystifying Photography – Get the Most out of Your Camera

Demystifying Photography – Get the Most out of Your Camera.

If the jargon surrounding photography puts you off, and you are wondering how you will cope on a photography course we have the perfect solution.

Richard Bishop has been a professional photographer for many years working for the National press and some of the country’s leading organisations. He has lectured in photography from complete beginners to degree level.

He says: “The truth is that you only ever need use a few of the menu items on your DSLR camera and once we set them up you will learn how to take photographs using the manual and semi-automatic controls. You will be on your way to getting the best out of your equipment making expressive images from your first session.”

“Our classes are for absolutely anyone who either wants to learn from scratch or further develop their existing skills.”

“Learning is not exclusive to anyone and we all learn in different ways at different speeds. I don’t do that thing where students sit listening to lectures and sprout out responses for the lecturer’s approval.”

“My students engage in what they are learning, take it away and practice it then relate it to their own experiences. They make what they learn part of themselves – and nobody gets left behind.”

“After this course you will never use your camera on auto again. You will have the skills to take consistently great images with your own signature on them.”

“Take a look at the Shrewsbury School of Photography website or contact me on 07710 416857 if you want to learn more.

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