Low Key Portraiture Evening Class

Low Key Portraiture Lesson

We had a fantastic evening of portraiture last night with the current Shrewsbury based beginners DSLR class. Everyone was completely on top of their game.

As we approach the last few weeks of the course the accent is changing. The students have all got to grips with the technical side of their cameras and we are steaming ahead practicing the more interesting and exciting part of photography….composition, lighting, point of view, decisive moment and so on.

Students Sharon and Eirani bought some models along and everyone without exception produced some more than worthy portraits.

The evening pulled together all the skills we have been looking at to date centring on total manual camera settings, composition, lighting, angle of view, the decisive moment and so much more.

The session was heavily weighted to the use of low key technique incorporating Rembrandt lighting. I make no excuse for my passion for this style of portraiture…it’s a great way to achieve expressive images and I grew up on it.

Richard Bishop. Cert Ed (FE) 20.06.2019