Press Photography

Press Photography

Press Photography.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to cover the recent Ironbridge cooling towers demolition but I wanted to get some kind of image just as a memory since one of my earliest jobs was photographing them at night with a 5×4 film camera….around about a lifetime ago.

So, a couple of days later, after the dust settled, we took a walk down there and managed to get some sort of an image. There was no pressure as it was for personal use – but you always put your signature on your work.

The light was fading and the choice of composition was limiting…. but I always envisage what I want the photograph to look like before I take it so I quickly took four or five shots.

I don’t believe in rattling off hundreds of pics in the hope of getting a good one like a weekend warrior wedding photographer.  That’s not photography…..its something else.

As it happened, the Shropshire Star was looking for a front page photograph to go with a story about the towers so they used it in the next day’s edition.

Being a Press Photographer

A successful press photographer will have a certain skill set. It won’t be enough that you like taking landscapes and all your friends say you are a great photographer.

Press photographers work long hours in a very demanding environment. Full technical equipment knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of photography is vital. If you have to use photo manipulation software to tweak your images you can forget it….there isn’t time when you are on a deadline.

You will be expected to fabricate images from virtually nothing, sometimes producing studio quality shots using just a camera and flash unit. Sometimes you will be hanging around for ages waiting to capture the moment as Henri Cartier-Bresson described it.

Its a fantastic career.  Richard Bishop.