About Us

Richard Bishop Cert ED FE is a professional photographer and lecturer who teaches digital SLR photography courses from complete beginners up to degree level.

Throughout his career he has combined teaching in Further Education with working for most of the National newspapers. He set up a BTEC Multimedia programme at Shrewsbury College which received the Edexcel award for Excellence in Delivery.

Some of his regular photographic clients have been The Sun, The Daily Express,The Mail, McDonald’s, Renault UK, BP and British Gas. He was the wedding photographer at British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s marriage to Allegra Mostyn-Owen at St Michael’s Church, West Felton.

Shrewsbury School of Photography is the product of many years of experience and success delivering Digital SLR Photography courses suitable for complete beginners and more experienced photographers who want to brush upon their skills.

Course rationale

Learning is not exclusive to anyone and we all learn in different ways at different speeds. Students do not learn much just sitting in classes listening to lectures, memorising pre-packaged lesson plans, and sprouting out responses for the lecturer’s approval.

Students must engage in what they are learning, practice it, relate it to their own experiences. They must make what they learn part of themselves.

Differentiation is an essential part of our photography courses – the process by which differences between learners are accommodated – there is no pressure and learning becomes self-paced.

To that end, students engage in a mixture of theory and practical application followed by a review during every session.

Knowing what you know and don’t know focuses your learning. In getting started, you will assess and share with your tutor your existing knowledge and competence. You will then receive continuing assessment on your performance. At various points during the photography courses, and at their completion, you will get the opportunity to reflect on what you have learned and what you still need to know.

Time plus energy equals learning. Making time for a couple of hours a week away from the classroom is critical for effective learning. Allocating realistic amounts of time practising what you have learned in class will enable you to get the best out of our digital photography courses.