Further Education Inspection Reports

Pre-ofsted inspection report on richard bishop by Further Education Inspector:

‘Good Motivational Approach in Teaching and Learning….’


Summary of FE Inspector’s Observation of Richard Bishop:


• Learners are attentive and respond well to the tutor
• Learners are producing work of good quality
• Learners are able to link previous learning to new and apply practically to their photography
• Peer support is good and learners share their achievements for analysis by other learners
• Good atmosphere with learners enjoying their learning
• Learners are constantly encouraged to interpret and apply the various techniques to their individual project


Teaching (the role of the teacher in preparing and delivering an effective lesson)

• The session planning is good with clearly defined objectives
• Tutor uses review and evaluation for forward planning
• Tutor has planned activities to challenge and stretch learners
• Regular checks on picture quality are made with constructive feedback
• Tutor has a motivational style of teaching


Summary Evaluation:

This was a good session. The session is carried out in a general purpose classroom. Tutor has a good motivational approach to teaching and learning. Learners are keen and willing to show their work and to discuss their achievements/difficulties with others. Tutor’s subject knowledge is very good. Learners are visibly thrilled by their own achievements.